Kambal Serena and my husband

We always try to catch 24 Oras on GMA7. Inevitably, we sometimes catch the first few minutes of the show that follows: Kambal Serena. So tonight I was playing Drop 2048 while husband was still eating dinner and watching KS. He raised the following points and questions:

a. Look, they’re obviously not under water. Their hair is dry.

b. Seeing Nova Villa, Mickey Ferriols, etc on the shore, husband said, “Why are they carrying bags?” Suitcases in fact. Was there a shipwreck?

Not having watched any of the show’s episodes, I couldn’t answer.

As for the hair of the mermaids not being wet under water, do we ask pnphotline?

GMA7 featured how cute thetir answers are when someone tweets them. For example, a tweet asked why the batuta is black? The pnphotline answered that if it were pink, the bad people won’t be scared of them.

My husband was complaining about the speed the slides with the tweets were shown so we could hardly catch them. One question asked was why in the movies the police always arrive late. The answer? We weren’t able to see it. 😦


From the vignettes above, do you wonder why I don’t like watching a Filipino movie or series with husband? He notices the most trivial things, watching becomes a pain…..


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