New finds, well sort of

Calamansi muffins – homemade courtesy of a recipe here. Years back, son went to Boracay and proudly brought home a few muffins he said I should try. As recently he mentioned enjoying calamansi juice when he’s on GRO duties for the office, I recalled the calamansi muffins he brought. How nice to find the recipe online. Thank you to the person who shared it.


The outcome above is a paler version than the author’s but I prefer baked stuff not to be dark, so I had HHA take them out of the oven after 20 minutes of baking. Output: 23 pieces

Try it. If you aren’t too fond of tart, I guess you can lessen the calamansi juice and replace with milk?



Khansarey in Shangrila, 4th level on the way to Rustan’s. What caught my attention were the bottles of Jo Malone perfumes. There were so many of them unlike in The Art of Scent on the ML level in the East Wing of Shang. A bottle cost P20 less than the one in TAS. But unlike in TAS where there were only two scents left, K had several available. They had 30ml bottles selling at P4.5k, 100 ml bottles at P7980 and 100 ml bottles of special edition scents at P12k. I think they also had 200 ml bottles at P12k? Of the latter I’m not sure. I think it was the owner who said to come back when I wanted to buy already. She was so nice.

K has so many nice things for sale, even tiny cans of soda- but very expensive. More for collection purposes rather than drinking. They even had hand sanitizer holders with cute designs but these sold at P350 minus the soap. One looked like this:



Got some stuff in Rustan’s Supermarket, stuff HHA said she couldn’t find in Rustan’s Katipunan: cayenne pepper and corn syrup. After purchasing those among others (Safeguard body wash, for example), we passed by the row of booths beside customer service on our way to the elevator. I saw this stall that read “Belly***”. It was selling rolled lechon, Cebu style. With lemon grass. Bought 1/4 k at P187 I think. The proof of the pudding is in the eating or the proof is in the pudding, take your pick. We have yet to try it. The person selling it asked which sauce I wanted: lechon sauce or vinegar. I hopefully asked, “Both?” She said yes. Dinner tonight.


Ate in Chops on the 5th floor of East Wing. Months back we ate in Chops Greenbelt and I was depressed; my order wasn’t any good. I almost cried. I exaggerate.

Our lunch wasn’t as bad though what stood out were the freedom fries: french fries sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with 3 dips: mayo, mustard and ketchup. Mayo was my favorite, though I must admit I didn’t bother to try the other two. I did smell the mustard and I could almost say with confidence it was Dijon mustard. Ergo it has horseradish, which I don’t like.

Other orders: 4-cheese oysters. Ninyo remains unbeatable. Really. Unbiased opinion. Promise. The one we had: only the shell was hot. The oysters were cold, the cheese sauce on top was cold, maybe room temp, but not hot. And it was watery/runny. Watered down cheeses?

Husband got a double patty burger, I got regular cheese burger. Their patties are not wide but thick. Think yolk of a sunny side egg. That’s what the bun looks like under the burger. Husband’s second patty almost fell, it was leaning like the tower in Pisa. I warned him and he caught it just in time. Juicy burgers but not too tasty. No sides, which was why we ordered the fries. Another siding we ordered was creamy spinach. It was okay. But for creamy spinach the one which stands out is the one we had in the resto in front of San Antonio in Forbes. A friend treated us to lunch once and it was one of the rare times I ate vegetables with gusto. we haven’t been back since though.

Service in Chops was friendly if a bit obsequious. Like husband was still onto something and waiter was already making a motion to remove it from our table. He did apologize and the next time around, he asked before removing anything from our table.

Correction? The sauce I thought was mustard might have been aioli? Not sure though.


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