Earth Kitchen

Time and again, we’d see it along Katipunan Avenue in White Plains. But we largely ignored it because I thought its fare would be too healthy.

But just like we tried out Basil last weekend, we venture to EK yesterday, a Saturday.

EK is such a beautiful place to enter into. The three of us swooned. The tables were nicely spaced, there were plants inside and windows that showed the foliage outside. And the food was not at all intimidating. The least of my favorites was the Vietnamese spring roll as its hoisin sauce was a tad salty. The rest were very good. The beef cubes in the kebabs and bulgogi were oh so tender.  I wish though that the kebab wasn’t too loaded with Middle Eastern spices.





No sodas in EK so I consumed two glasses of dalandan juice. The husband and son had maybe 3 to 4 glasses each.

Do call to reserve a table prior to going. So many people come to dine. Also try to come as soon as it opens at 11 a.m. so parking won’t be a problem.

As with Basil, loading and unloading me from the back of the van would have been a bit challenging had we not parked parallel to Got Heart Foundation which has the same owner as EK when we arrived. To get back to the van  after we finished dining, husband parked across the street on the driveway of an abandoned property.


Our dessert was free as son had a looloo app in his phone: two scoops of banana caramel ice cream. The tablea flavor wasn’t available.


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