Hodge podge

Sunday the sky was lovely as we wheeled to mass. I even took a picture of it and you’ll see why:


Wow, if only wires did not disturb the view…


Unfortunately after mass, on our way home, I felt something was amiss with my body. I was feeling cold. When I transferred to the bed, I experienced chills! I promptly drank Tempra, Dimetapp and Pharmaton to arrest whatever. And by nighttime, I felt better. Monday morning, I felt a little cold, drank medicine again and by evening, I was well. Perhaps, the heat dehydrated me? I don’t really know. I’m just too happy to be feeling okay now. Or maybe since yesterday…

because I made crack pie again. Months back, I did after son found a recipe of it. Making crack pie is challenging in so many ways.

– it entails so many steps and ingredients

– the length of time it stays in the oven is iffy. It jiggles even after the prescribed time and by then the top is so brown already. See:



Initially I cut the crust recipe by half as I read somewhere that it was more than enough. Then I got scared it might not be enough so I made a second batch. Then the filling.

But guess what, while the second batch was in the oven, I mixed the first batch and it looked like it would have been sufficient – a thinner crust, maybe but enough.

And now, after tasting the finished product, the following insight:

– just make half of the crust and the filling in this recipe because doing the recipe as is makes it too rich, although of course you can have a smaller slice.

Another insight:

The crust is made of oatmeal cookie dough. Ergo, if you have so many oatmeal cookies on hand, just pound them away, added butter and sugar and voila! You have the crust for crack pie.

One site I saw suggested buying graham cracker crust – sometimes available in Rustan’s or Terry’s Selection, I think. Might be fine but then, graham crackers are sweeter than oatmeal cookies, I think?

And look at her crack pie (check out her post), it’s yellowish rather than brown. I wonder how she achieved that hue… without under cooking.


Saw on a friend’s wall a link to this: German Potato Salad recipe.

I recall having made the salad several times in the past, and each tasted differently. Anyway, friend said the recipe looks yummy but seems so unhealthy. I think there are two ways it can be less so: use less bacon and use olive oil instead of fat rendered from the bacon to make the salad.

One of these days…

Tonight, perhaps? But son won’t be home 😦

Wait, I checked the reviews of the aforementioned salad recipe and sadly, they weren’t too positive. I googled and found this recipe and might try it instead.


Yesterday, sister was in Greenhills and asked if I needed anything from there. I remembered chocfull of nuts’ siopao and siomai.

She bought those for me and my additional request of cuapao. For lunch I thought of having siopao bola-bola, siopao asado, siomai, and cuapao. Glutton. But after 3 pieces of siomai and the cuapao, I was bursting at the seams. Still, as one chef on TV always ends her show, “There’s always room for dessert” so I ate a slice of the cassava pudding sister added to the loot from CON and it was so good. Funny because before texting her what I wanted, I googled CON and found out it also has good fresh lumpia. Promptly asked sister to get that too but she was told they still didn’t have it. She was advised that a better time to come would be at 2:00 pm.

Next time.







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