Erik Kayser Boulangerie and then some

Was there earlier tonight to get some bread, curious to try out the products of this bake shop owned by Chris Tiu et al.

bought one piece each of a few kinds but have tried only 2 kinds this far- the baguette and the beschamel bread stick (that’s how it was spelled, I think).

the baguette is as tough as all baguettes go, okay most. Not my type really but the breadstick was really, really great. The girl was recommending the other variant – sesame with herbs I think, but I opted otherwise. The breadsticks are sold in 3s, tied with a white thingy. I finished an entire stick and could have had more. Partnered it with cheese from Bacchus World Epicerie which I got after they let me try two kinds. Heaven.



At Bacchus I got two silicone spatulas in kiwi and tangerine. Years back I bought a blue one, Le Creuset brand. It’s still okay, and has outlived other brands I bought even later. More expensive but worth it!

They gave me a box of cookies at Bacchus because I reached the minimum amount that entitled me to it. Nice surprise.


Speaking of entitled, I got a second tube of L’occitane hand cream from the Power Plant branch for free. How? Months back I downloaded the SSI app that gives alerts on its various stores, as well as coupons that entitle one to freebies or discounts! Download it now! So worth it.





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