Mango with chocolate and then some

photo4A friend gave this and it’s quite good. Pity DHL when I asked last time was discouraging me about sending food items to HK. I think foreigners will love the chocolate dipped dried mango.


Had lunch at Woodfire in Joya and thoroughly enjoyed the lasagna. We had that, a pizza with italian sausage (white sauce) and tiramisu. Hours later, I was still thinking of the lasagna. I haven’t had lasagna in years.

The first time I tried lasagna was in Italian Village in Quezon Avenue or was it in the EDSA branch? I was smitten. Then a friend in school shared her recipe and I’d make that to rave reviews. But personally, I still craved Italian Village’s version.

Today son wanted to lunch in Woodfire and if you’ve been reading my posts, you’d know by now that I prefer pancit to pasta but for the love of son, I sometimes go with the tide. And I’m glad I chose lasagna rather than any other pasta in Woodfire. The pizza was okay, the tiramisu too.

Woodfire was almost empty when we got there, then slowly, slowly, slowly, it filled up. Some came to take out their orders.


In Ganso Shabuway, Power Plant, Rose was very engaging. And so we had a good meal – karaage and the shabu-shabu with Angus beef. The karaage was okay but didn’t come with any sauce. I wonder if I had asked for mayo…

At any rate, Rose said broth would taste good if we put in some sesame dressing. She was right! Yummy.


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