True Value versus Rustan’s Supermarket

HHA asked me to buy Swiffer. Years back, I was so smitten I got one for the house but wasn’t even aware that she had been using it actively. the downside of Swiffer? If one buys the tissue paper that’s to be used with it, it can be a very pricey way of cleaning. HHA and HHB have used trapo in lieu of the tissue. So why did HHA ask me to buy a new one? The Swiffer had developed a mind of its own, going every which way.



Yesterday at TV, I asked if they had any. Clueless. Then voila, I saw one, or thought I did. Ahha! Same packaging but it was 3M Easy Sweeper. And while the Swiffer I bought years back cost almost P2k, this one was priced at P600 plus. Alleluia! So I excitedly got one. There were other variants as well, but trying to stick to a budget, I just got one that would be for cleaning the walls.


I didn’t succumb to the Swiffer the clerk finally found and showed to me. It was P2k plus, I think?


Today, we went to Rustan’s Supermarket in Power Plant. To get some dehumidifier kits, water, etc. Then I saw the Easy Sweeper of Scotch Brite. I nearly cried. It was selling at P499.



Anyway, True Value is replacing all loyalty cards or am I the only one who learned about it last night? Deadline for free replacements is(was) today. You can still use your old one till the end of the year but starting tomorrow, you’ll have to pay P100 for the replacement card.

I have a Robinsons Supermarket card. Very optimistic (and dumb?) I asked TV if they could replace it as anyway, the replacement card covers all Robinsons establishments. No daw. Oh well. Anyway, I hardly go to Robinsons Supermarket. Bitter? 🙂


2 thoughts on “True Value versus Rustan’s Supermarket

  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve used mine twice pa lang ata, and only when we go to Eastwood. Di ko na lang ipa change. Anyway if omnibus na ang card nila, pwede na ang True Value card ni husband.

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