Update to post on Erik K

Was so proud to tell son about my new find – the Erik Kayseri breadstick when he arrived and he was surprised. He said he heard people say it wasn’t any good there. I said he should try it. He did and enjoyed the breadstick. Just now for breakfast I asked if he wanted McDo breakfast delivered. He said he’d have the croissant on which he put Boursin. He also put some Boursin on my breadstick. 🙂 because I asked :(. Hahaha, I just had to.

Tried the dark chocolate cookie and while it looks hard, it isn’t at all. You just have to take a pinch at a time. The photos below are of the following: bread stick with boursin, the chocolate cookie and the plastic bag with three kinds of muffins(?): pistachio, chocolate and ???

image photo1 photo2 photo3

The chocolate cookie is really so tasty. You should try it and the bread stick!

Tried the coffee eclair today, a day after I bought it. Not too exciting. The caramel salt I tried last night was better, or maybe because it was fresher?


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