Breakfast heaven

Occasionally, I like Filipino breakfast, but non-FIlipino breakfast can also be very satisfying, once in a while.

Like today’s:

Jipan – almond bread and raisin and walnut bread – 1 slice each

Bacchus Epicerie – Tartufo spread and the cheese they were promoting – a few slices

Santi’s – a slice of forest ham

the itinerant vendor’s sweet mango

This breakfast would have been even more complete had I asked HHA to make hot chocolate and added a tbsp of raspberry jam.

But I have to restrain myself.

I’d have wanted another slice of forest ham too.

Yes, Bacchus Epicerie, Jipan and Sant’si combined make for a happy breakfast at a fraction of the cost of a breakfast buffet in a 5-star hotel.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


(photo taken in 2012 by husband)

In 4 minutes, a scheduled brownout will take place. meralco, please, it’s okay if you lied there’d be one from 9 am to 3 pm today.


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