Quick Notes

At SM Aura, getting a ride in the elevator can be a challenge if one is in a wheelchair. True, the mall has sufficient reminders to give priority to the disabled, the pregnant and the elderly; but does anyone pay heed? This a.m. was fine because it was early when we arrived, but in the pm, the elevators would pass us several times, filled to the brim, before we could ride. And there were instances when we had to go up to ensure space for us, before we could go down. Son said, the ratio of elevators to mall goers is way to small. Sure the elevators are very huge, but the volume of people in the mall necessitates the installation of more elevators. Two more, maybe?


There’s a Magnum Bar on the fifth floor of SM Aura. When we arrived at past 10 am, there were just a few patrons. Afterwards, wow, the line of people wishing to get in was so long. What might they be offering to merit such patronage?


If there’s a brownout, what to do if your hair is all wet but you have to go somewhere? Option one would be to go to the salon to have a blow dry. But you have another option: sit near the aircon of the car to dry your hair!


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