SM Aura

For a change, we hied off to SM Aura today. As we got there by 1030 a.m., parking was a breeze though we ended up in a strange, unfamiliar parking area. Husband’s like that. He drives on and on and on and on like the Energizer bunny… so guess what? The parking space we occupied was near the Office Tower. Ergo, to get to the mall, we took an elevator to the UG level, then took another elevator there to the 5th floor of the mall, then took another elevator thereafter to get to the third floor of SM Aura as we planned to eat in Shine, the resto of Sunshine Puey Pengson. Actually, I was open to having ramen in Ramen Nagi but son said, it’s a bit crowded there, not necessarily because of the diners, but because of the way the tables are arranged. Another thing, he said, one is not encouraged to linger and talk, turnover has to be fast. So though we were in the resto, we made an exit and went in search of Shine. Google helped. We didn’t know the name of the resto and its exact location. Google term: Sunshine Pengson SM Aura.

Before going to Shine, though, we went near the NBA resto but I played stubborn. I knew husband and son wanted to watch the game they had begun watching at home but which viewing was aborted by Meralco’s scheduled brownout. But I wanted to dine in peace. So, to Shine where son “watched” the game via updates from I don’t know which site. Bad of me but I was in a foul mood for some reason, so I wanted to get my way.

Shine is spacious, only a few tables were taken. Perhaps because we were early? Son and husband ordered burgers, I ordered salpicao with foie gras. I was really indulging my bad mood. And the foie gras was so huge it occurred to me I had my cholesterol fix for the day (the week?). Yummy. Anyway, the rice was multi-grain – ergo healthy – and able to compensate for the foie gras’ unhealthiness? Antidote mode? Just kidding. But the entree was good. Son had me try his burger and it was impressive. I didn’t try husband’s as he ordered blue (bleu) burger, I don’t fancy blue cheese. We also ordered umami fries and I ordered mashed potato, the creamy kind. They had a truffle version, maybe next time.

My salpicao with foie gras, the mashed potato and a blackboard:

photo3 photo2 photo1

Though I had earlier chosen a dessert, we passed up on it as we were so full. Much later, we had ice cream at Bono’s on the supermarket level. I chose capuccino (low sugar), not because it was low sugar but because it was coffee based. Son had sake mango (mirin or sake) which he had me try. He really wants me to try those outrageous alcohol tinged stuff, sheer torture. I didn’t like it, of course. Ugh.


As for the stores, I liked Living Well very much – we went there for the linen sprays, got the ginger scent as son said he liked it. Also a Paul Frank pillow for nephew who’s 32 years old. So juvenile a choice. Husband was smitten by the crafts tools under the Martha Stewart brand. There were so many nice stuff to buy but had I gotten one, I’d have wanted more. So no, I didn’t get any of the adorable, delicate, pretty add-ons to scrap booking et al.

Visited L’indochine where they’re selling some items at 20% off. Also visited Eye Society which had a huge sign “Rayban clearance sale, 40% off.” Then as we were leaving Eye Society, I saw Art Elements across and remembered that I knew the artist who was having his exhibit there, so we entered. Nice. But no wall to hang them on, plus the piece we liked was too expensive for my pocket. Coincidentally enough, the man in charge reminded me that we were his customers in Power Plant and bought a shirt form him. They have since closed shop there and are now in SM Aura. And exhibited in the gallery was a work of Miss Yeung who owns Earth Kitchen and formed Got Heart Foundation. She’s into a lot of things, apparently and appears capable in whatever field she chooses to involve herself in.

Son bought stuff in Uniqlo, his favorite store. .He got a free umbrella as his purchases reached P2500 – second anniversary promo of the store, I think.

And if you’re into Airisms, Uniqlo is now selling them at P390 each~ what a steal.


Just in case someone’s wondering what the Energizer bunny is about, here’s a commercial from way back



4 thoughts on “SM Aura

  1. Nag raffle ang Uniqlo? Only son can fit into their clothes; I do sa tipong pambahay (sando style) – the fit is immaterial in other words. Rayban has many nice stuff, siguro the sale is nationwide – because meron sa Rustan’s, Pascual in Power Plant and Shang, and then Eye Society in SM Aura. Nationwide na yun, hahahaha. But not everything is discounted, pero marami na ring choices, even their optical frames.

    • I should tell TheHusband. Meron kasi syang favorite na Rayban shades. Naiwala nya years back, so bumili ng bago. A few months ago, naiwala na naman nya yung replacement. Baka third time’s a charm. 🙂

      Yes, may raffle ticket akong nakuha nung April.

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