Lugang via Citydelivery

I have been yearning for sweet and sour pork for days now. last Sunday, I was hinting that we eat in Lugang at SM Aura but son remembered my wish to eat steak the day before, so he said no, let’s look for a steak place. That’s why we ate in Shine. They had a steak dish that was pointed out to me “chicken fried rib eye”. I didn’t see the “rib eye” part, just the chicken fried. So I ordered foie gras salpicao. Son later asked the girl in Shine about the chicken fried rib eye if it was really steak, the answer was yes. OH well, next time. I was happy with my salpicao anyway.

SO Lugang for lunch today. Husband’s home so I ordered his favorite sweet and sour pork, which I have been craving for too. As well the Taiwanese stewed minced pork and the pineapple fried rice. The minced pork was highly recommended by two bloggers, the pineapple fried rice I tried in Lugang previously. I was thinking of ordering 3 cup chicken instead of the minced pork but when I thought of all the sesame oil in it… I felt intimidated. Susan, have you tried it?

Lunch came a tad later than husband wished to eat so I ate my orders alone; he and son will be able to partake of these tonight.

Verdict: the best was the pineapple fried rice which had casuy! The stewed minced pork has a certain spice or flavor I don’t particularly like, but I did finish what was on my plate. The sweet and sour pork was okay, but I guess given how my taste buds are in an umay state now, I should have ordered something fried and not too saucy? Susan, any idea what the spice used in the stewed pork was? Something brownish, I guess? Cinnamon? Anise? Or something more unique?

Incidentally Citydelivery offers free delivery Mondays-Wednesdays. So I saved on that though I did have to pay P300 for living beyond the 5km radius from the resto.

Hooray for food delivery.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.53.23 PMThat’s just a screen cap there, so click here for your online order. I usually just dial 87878 because I can’t remember my password. Arrgh.



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