Roommate – Korean reality show

I’m glad I discovered this show which I guess can be compared to Pinoy Big Brother except that it features known people mostly. Plus the 11 members aren’t confined to the quarters but go out to do their work – a deejay, a male lead in a telenovela, a martial arts expert, two members of different girl bands, a play participant, etc.

Most endearing to me are the following:

– Mama Shin – male but they call him that because he’s like the mother hen, cooking delicious meals, for example, catching a bee, etc. Very capable man – nice to be with because he’ll always take care of you and make you feel safe and fed.

– So Ra – a supermodel who’s now  a deejay. Seemingly “lonely” despite the fame, very frank and capable. She likes healthy eating and cooks healthy food.

– Chan Yeol – he’s with a boy band, I think? Very lovable because he’s simple despite his fame, and thoughtful. When Mama Shin got drunk one night, the next day he prepared hangover soup for MS!

– Se Ho – the comedian. He’s funny and appears sensitive but laughs at himself.

– Bom – she seems to have a lot of angst but is not letting those get her down. She and Sandara Park belong to the same band, I think.

– Nana –  very pretty  yet without airs.


4 thoughts on “Roommate – Korean reality show

  1. Hi Susan. They’re so funny no? i catch myself laughing a lot when I watch Roommate. By the way is there a group called NOM? they were in K-Pub for CD signing when we were there. But we left before they began,

    Re the flower boys, the newbie seems always clueless, the other naman is sensitive, esp when the older female and clueless went grocery shopping., 🙂

  2. love roommate 🙂
    chan yeol is with EXO band
    bom is with 2NE1
    nana is with ORANGE CARAMEL a unit group of AFTER SCHOOL
    love their interaction
    the two flower boys are also cute 🙂

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