Figure this out

Around October or November, we had this accident of sorts in EDSA when my husband failed to see an island separating buses from each other. The island was rather narrow, less than a foot wide and it’s gone now. The van climbed over it and then I don’t know how, it went back to the other lane, etc. No harm on government infrastructure or mankind.

But the van had some incidental damage. For one the odometer stopped working. So when husband brought the van to Hyundai, he pointed that out. The underside of the car was inspected and something that been gnawed at, possibly by our dogs, that resulted in the odometer’s ceasing to function. A replacement would cost P50k and would have to be ordered.

Fast forward to the present. Time for van’s tuneup. Husband realized there had been no closure to the odometer thing and scratches on the van because though Hyundai had promised to call insurance and give follow up details to husband, it never did. So in his presence this time, Hyundai called insurance, etc. And the matter of the odometer came up again.

So the casa called whoever and to make the odometer work again, the wiring down there would have to be replaced. Cost? P80k. Whoa. But they could repair it for P2.9k. Whaaaaaat??????????

Months back, I read in some forum that in many casas, they’d suggest replacing a part instead of fixing it. Easier to do and I guess, more profit for them?

Oh wow. Up close and personal, first-hand experience for us?

It’s a good thing we didn’t say yes the first time around. We’re fortunate now that they offered to fix it for P2.9.

But not yet. Next week maybe. I hope a price surge doesn’t take place between now and then.


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