Is Mercury in retrograde?

Saturday night, i read about the scheduled brownout in our area on Sunday: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the announcement said. Told husband and son but on Sunday morning, they said they wanted to watch a basketball game. I kept quiet.

When at 9 a.m. sharp of Sunday the lights went off, husband turned on the generator. NO make that, tried to turn on the generator. Fail. Another generator. Another fail.

You might think that an extravagance, that we have two generators. But it’s really a necessity. See our drainage needs help for water to be pumped out of our property. Gravity doesn’t help any because our property is lower than the surrounding areas, ergo, whatever excess water they have  like during Ondoy, flows into our property, not vice versa, never vice versa.

Ondoy was a wake up call. We needed and therefore had two pumps installed to pump out the water we consume or rainwater that falls onto our property every so often. This explains why when the rain falls, I pray that one, we don’t get flooded; two, the roof won’t leak; three, the power won’t go off; four, the pumps won’t go kaput. Like a flowchart, the prayer also goes, if the power goes off, please, no flooding, no leaking and let the generators work.

Lucky for us, while Sunday saw a 7 hour brownout – Meralco outdid itself by an hour in a negative way– the weather cooperated. No rain,  no worry.

Asked husband when he’d bring the generator for repair. He couldn’t Monday, he said, as he had to go to work. Tuesday, he did. Promise was it would be ready today, Thursday.

But what do you know? Last night, Wednesday, there was a bad thunderstorm: rain, lightning, thunder and BROWNOUT! I was so dismayed and felt so helpless. And our van wasn’t even here to bring me out just in case we’d get a flash flood or something. It was in the casa for tuneup. Murphy’s law was on overdrive.

Prayed and told God I’d just trust him to take care of us. Husband was asking for the phone number of the hardware where we had bought one of the generators. I thought he wanted it to ask if the generator was okay but guess what? He said he’d ask if they had a generator available. He’d get a new one. I was aghast. A generator costs!

I googled using my phone and found the website of Honda Philippines and the generators available per the website were at least P32k and that’s the smallest; not even sure it could power the pump.

Luckily after 17 minutes of brownout, the lights came on.  Later, there was another thunderstorm but no power failure. A massive Whew.

Today was follow up day. Generators not yet done, but repair person said he’d have one ready by tomorrow. Van ready for pick up in a while.

Moral of the story:

When you have a generator, do turn it on once in a while rather than only when there’s a power failure. Omitting to do the routine of turning it on once very two months at the very least can clog whatever and cause malfunctions like leaks.

Hope the lesson is learned well this time and applied.

It ain’t the first time, y’know.

To make this post less serious, here’s one of the things I saw in Honda’s website:


And as that wasn’t very helpful, I clicked on View All Dealers and this was what I got:



PS: Our kaput generators are Powerman and Powermate, not Honda. IF we get a third, I want it to be a Honda but how do I find a store that sells it?

2 thoughts on “Is Mercury in retrograde?

    • IN the sense that so far, no brownout during thunderstorms, and in fact, no thunderstorm yesterday. The generator is not yet at home. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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