Dinner buffet at Heat in Edsa Shangrila

I’m not sure if the price has been lowered but the choices have diminished. Or wasn’t I looking hard enough?

Cheeses available weren’t too many, breads even. The thin flat cheese stick like bread was no more. At least they still had the Pecking Duck wraps. Is it really spelled P-E-C-K-I-N-G? I saw it in one blog and thought it was a typo, but last night, that’s how it was spelled in HEAT.

Son said he didn’t see lobsters, his food of choice in other buffets. So he had his regulation laksa, didn’t get cheese or bread – rather unusual for him who explained why: too few choices. He didn’t get cold cuts either. Just sushi aside from some Indian food.

I had very little on my plate as well: siopao, siomai, sashimi, hainanese chicken (just ate the skin), fried rice which was so lame. I did like the mocha pannacotta and the bread pudding!

Husband had salad and a few other items.

The buffet in Heat now pales vis-a-vis Fairmont’s et al. Sad.

Oh yes, had clams, done two ways: one with cheese, another done with garlic and butter. Tried the first – it was so tough I didn’t swallow it lest I have indigestion. So son asked waiter if we could have mussels. A little less tough but not good either. 😦

I didn’t see lechon. 😦  😦  😦

I had reserved a table for three and the lady asked if we were celebrating anything. I told her it was husband’s birthday. But when we got there, it’s like we hadn’t called. I told the waiter it was husband’s birthday, nothing happened.

I guess it’s goodbye, HEAT.

In another table, there was happy, boisterous singing of Happy Birthday, so vicariously, husband was sung to. Not that he wanted that anyway, but the cake with a candle… he had none.


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