My first one was in high school. I think I went to Nancy’s and someone there said I needed a facial to remove my blackheads. It was a painful experience as she dug deep. It took a while before I had a second one.

The second was done by the one who gave us manicure/pedicure at home. She was a gentle soul.

The third was done by my nurse early on in my paralysis. She came for 8 hours a day and because she was very kind and I guess, bored, she did my face. It was either she or the second one who put egg white on my face.

My fourth facial would have been a diamond peel, home service but I was scared. And before I mustered enough guts to have it done, I was in Philosophy, second floor, Mega Fashion Hall this afternoon. And it was a free 3-minute facial by Arlene. Looking at my face now, it does look clearer, cleaner and brighter. A thirty-minute facial would set one back by P750. Not bad, right? It includes facial massage. Maybe next time. I hope by then, Arlene will still be there.

The facial was done in the counter in front of some of their samples and other products for sale. The full facial is done inside a room behind closed doors. One has to lie down, Arlene said, but when I asked if I could just sit on my wheelchair, she said it was possible.

Looking forward.

I first encountered the Philosophy brand in Beauty Bar at Podium. What caught my attention was the fragrance, Grace. I thought of giving it as a present to a friend so-named but as it cost over a thousand, I aborted the plan. Since then I’ve equated Philosophy with “expensive”.

But after seeing thepseudoshrink‘s post on the product, I thought of trying it out. I got the shampoo cum shower gel cum bubble bath thing and was given samples for skin care (cleansing, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen).



the morning after:

I like how my skin feels. Arlene, I’ll be back. You’re a decided asset to Philosophy.



9 thoughts on “Facials

  1. When you went to Philosophy did you buy anything, hence the freebies? Husband took photos of me while being “facial-ed”. Arlene is in them. Maybe she attended to you too, parang masipag talaga siya. 🙂

    I hardly buy from Beauty Bar. Maybe once or twice pa lang.

    • Yung 3-in-1 Amazing Grace shampoo, bath, and shower gel ang binili ko. Nag-offer din dati ng free facial, kaso I was in a hurry kasi I had work to finish then. Inuna ko lang ang mall. 🙂

      • Arlene was bringing stuff to me to choose from, suddenly husband said, “Amazing Grace”. I thought he was thinking of the song, now I realize there was such a variant. Out of stock ata. Re the facial it didn’t take that long. Arlene even said 3 minutes lang, but I think a little longer. Good girl ka so you skipped it. 🙂

  2. It was so difficult to choose, it’s a good thing Arlene was uber patient. I just got the shampoo stuff, they didn’t have amazing grace, though. I was tempted to get the vanilla but son said “nakakasawa”. Maybe it reminded him of his teacher in Grade 4 whose fragrance he found too overpowering. Re the Pinay, much cheaper? And you’re right about freebies. Beauty Bar gives freebies too?

    • I don’t know if BB gives freebies to others, pero I have never received any freebie from them, ever.
      Mabango yung Grace series nila. I think si Arlene din yung nag-attend sa akin nun. Was hoping that they’d have the lotion and deo, pero wala pa rin.
      Yung Pinay, compared with BB, yes, mas mura sa kanya. Not sure with Philosophy though. Kasi medyo mas mura ang Philosophy compared with BB.

  3. Ang bango diba?
    Yung Amazing Grace nila, parang mas mabango and lasting yung scent kaysa sa EDT. Para kasing matapang ang amoy nung EDT.
    They’re very generous sa freebies, unlike sa Beauty Bar.
    BTW, may binibilhan ako ng Philosophy products sa Ebay (but only when merong uuwi ng Pinas). The seller is a Pinay living in Nebraska. Mas mura sa kanya.

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