Tim Ho Wan fail

Set out for Megamall this morning before 11, optimistic we’d finally get to eat in THW. But when we got there, the line was near kilometric; still son volunteered to line up while husband and I went to the SM basement, where I got DMC702 for my two-year old Baldemor project. Yes, two years. It now has baby teeth and can stand, walk, and talk. Except that it’s not human so that’s a hyperbole right there. You get the drift.

Jean of DMC was nice as usual. I told her that among other things, what was keeping me from finishing the last panel of the project was the fact that I had no wall to hang it on, okay, I do have but the project is really too big so I might have to dispose of some of the things hanging on the wall (old x-stitch projects). Another thing, I could just imagine how heavy the framed project will be and what if it fell on someone? I asked, could I have it framed without a glass cover? Jean kept quiet for a bit and said it can be done but will be dusty. Then she said I can just feather dust it or even wash it. So there, I am driven to start working on the last panel again, tomorrow. I did start last week but with husband still around, I had to stop again because doing it means littering the bed with threads et al.

Meanwhile as we were on our way to DMC, son said THW would open at 12 yet. Goodness. The line before him was long enough as it is, they’d start serving at 12, so what time would our lunch be? After DMC, we went to get son and had lunch in Boqueria, the second time around for husband and me. I enjoyed today’s lunch more than the last time.


After placing our orders, I thought of googling my post on Boqueria and realized we had the manchego paella already before. And I had said that Terry Selection’s was better. Too late to cancel, I thought.

Our orders: the shredded duck appetizer (picture not taken), two kinds of paella – husband chose marinera, I wanted the manchego, son chose pescado de salsa verde. The lengua was an afterthought when I realized I might not like the pescado; it might have basil.

Verdict: the duck appetizer was a bit salty but husband liked the salad that came with it consisting of lettuce leaves, tomato slices and radish slices soaked in vinaigrette. The manchego surpassed the carne paella by a mile, ten miles, a million miles, so get manchego if you like paella. The pescado was good but the clam shells were merely shells, no meat inside. Decoration? Likely they fell off? The lengua was good too.

Son said he was okay without dessert and I didn’t want to impose, so we left the resto without any. 😦

At Philosophy, Arlene said THW would be relatively less full at 3. Before 3, we passed by and most of the people were inside the resto, with maybe 15 people waiting for tables. I hinted that I wanted to try, son proceeded to line up. Husband was quiet. When that happens…

we left Megamall without THW in our bags or bellies.

One of these days, with HHB, I will yet eat in THW. Wheelmobile available, hopefully.


I like Megamall in terms of the myriad choices but the crowd is just too much for me. A lot of store windows screamed S-A-L-E.  Hopefully, when HHB and I go, I will still see those letters. Sanrio on the 3rd floor had a column of products that were selling at 50% off or cheaper. Sigh. Philip Stein inside SM was selling stuff at 30% off. Even the watch stores were giving discounts.



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