Sleep and rain

Time was when rain provided a happy background and a convenient excuse for staying asleep or in bed at least, longer than usual. But post-Ondoy that propensity has passed.

Rain  wakes me up these days, especially if it’s heavy and seemingly without let-up. So last night, it awoke me with its continuous drone, though I did manage to fall  asleep again, only to wake up soon after. This went on until morning even as I wondered if our garage wasn’t yet flooded. Hesitated to wake up husband who slept soundly and just prayed everything with a roof was nice and dry.

Happily it was.

A medley of rain-related songs from Glee, with no less than Gwyneth Paltrow in it:

I prefer Gene Kelly’s version though. Older, a lot older, it hasn’t lost its charm:






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