Odds and Ends

The other day, on the birthday of HHA, I bought an ube macapuno roll from Red Ribbon to be shared by everyone. Told HHA to get two slices for herself and HHB but she forgot. Reminded her again but I’m not sure she’s gotten. I’m not reminding her a third time. So tiresome.

Anyway, the macapuno on the roll was well near nil. So today I asked HHB to get a bottle of macapuno from Rustan’s. Tonight I scooped some macapuno on my roll. I sensed a tinge of sourness and as HHA has discerning taste buds, I had her try it. She said it did taste sour. So I told her to bring it back to Rustan’s.

She came back and said she tried it again, the macapuno slivers weren’t sour, only the syrup was. Should she return it still? Duh. I said yes. She came back again and said HHB told her it was the only brand available (Sure Buy) and was new stock, ergo the replacement would likely be similar. What to do?

I said to just bring it, I really didn’t care whether they’d replace it or think my taste buds are kaput. HHA said she’d let HHB go as it was HHB who bought it anyway.

HHB came back with a new bottle. The lady in Rustan’s tried it and said it did taste sour.

No, I haven’t yet tasted the contents of the new bottle. Not eager to.


A few months ago, a sister of mine said she’d often pass by a place that said it delivers Carmen’s artisanal ice cream. Today, feeling in need of a treat and something different, I googled and found a list of distributors. I texted sister to ask if she remembered the number. She said she had thrown away the info but mentioned it was in Capitol Hills.

I called the number 292 2340 and in the early afternoon got my ice cream. As the girl who took my call said they also sell meat, I bought their smallest pack of corned beef which she said is their best-seller.

Though I asked her what the name of the company is, I couldn’t quite catch her answer. I asked for their list of goods but I guess she forgot.


Food Bin’s ice cream flavored Chips Ahoy are winners in our house. Tonight husband and son were astonished by the root beer flavored one. I won’t even try as I don’t like root beer. But this pm, I ordered two each of mocha and dulce de leche. I’d have wanted to try their mint flavored one but they have run out. The last time I bought, they still had it but I didn’t get as I couldn’t imagine eating mint-flavored chips ahoy. IT’s one of their best-sellers, apparently.

Okay, my mistake. I should have been brave enough to get a pack.

I will yet try you some day, mint chips ahoy:



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