Turbans and HHs

HHB has this some bad habits. I’ve restrained myself from writing about her, ergo her bad habits because deep down, I do appreciate her staying on with us here. But sometimes, there are irritants that just reel their ugly heads.

For example, I call her in. The result may be one or more of those listed:

– a piercing look

– no reaction, i.e., she ignores the call

– her wet hair is wrapped in a t-shirt. Promise.

I can’t recall what my sister and I were talking about, maybe our respective HHs and I mentioned how I find it so icky/tacky/gross when HHB comes in like so. We speculated as to why:

– to show me that i disturbed her hot oil treatment

– to show off that she gives her hair hot oil treatment more often than I do. Okay, this second reason is silly and likely not THE reason.

Coincidentally, my sister said she has an HH who also does the same but uses a towel. Well, my sister lives in a subdivision, I live beside a subdivision, so there’s the matter of social class? Whatever. While I ignore my HH’s turbaned appearance, my sister told her HH not to appear before her thus.

Tonight, my sister called. Her HH did it again, shortly before my sister called.

See, it can be useless, fruitless, to chide them sometimes. SIgh.


HHA has this propensity to do the following:

– open the door so abruptly that when I’m having a catnap, chances are I wake up. I’ve told her to open the door more gently but more often than not, she ignores my missive.

– she sets out to annoy me. I ring for her. Once. She doesn’t come in. Twice, still no sign of her. Thrice, still nothing. A fourth time, the abrupt opening of the door. Methinks, she’s just waiting outside the door for me to ring for her again. That’s why I sometimes tell my husband we should install a CCTV in the short hallway (what hallway, my neighbor might ask) and in their room. Invasion of privacy? the CHR might say.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 7.25.57 PMImage from here





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