Fully Booked

I love going to FB at the Fort, if only to get a whiff of the scent of new books. Yesterday as we neared it, the door was open and I was ready to smell the new books but none of the beautiful scent I was expecting wafted in my direction. Why so? I don’t really know.

Still, the visit was such a treat. Though I bought nothing because the place wasn’t cool enough ( I get churlish when the airconditioning is insufficient), I did appreciate two corners on the ground floor. One had Tintin stuff: t-shirts, comic books, bags, toys, collectibles, shirts for children and lean adults, etc. A fair distance across it was a wall against which were propped shirts with literary themes by Out of Print, iPhone 5 cases, bags, etc. While similar bags cost nearly P2k each in Pismo at the East Wing of Shangrila, at FB they were selling at P788! And the shirts were being sold at P1k. They even had the red Clockwork Orange shirt I got from Amazon for husband which cost more than double the price of the same in FB. Shucks.

But the heat, the heat and a lean pocket restrained me from buying. When the weather is cooler I might go back?

Who’s Tintin? See pictures below from Google images:



Out of print stuff:


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