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Glorious Day – It’s been over a week and the 11th episode hasn’t been uploaded. Why oh why? Now I only have Roommate, Hotel King, Jang Bori and that to watch and you deprive me? has a subbed version already but Viki’s videos are classified by region, GD isn’t available in my part of the world. Sigh. Each time I open my laptop, I make a silent wish. Still nothing. 😦


No Breathing – Last year when the filming of portions of this in the PHilippines was announced, I was excited. I had just finished watching I Hear Your Voice, the series the male lead of NB had starred in and he was so engaging. Then when I saw NB online, I began watching it but found the first few parts so dragging. Besides, he wasn’t the “good” guy. Then son went abroad and when he came back, he said he had watched it on the plane and I should. So I watched it again or started to, still found it boring. But with nothing to watch the past few days, I decided to patiently see it through. And this morning I finished the 6-part movie. The story picks up in Part 5, methinks. And it ended satisfactorily.

It’s not a rom-com thing,  no thrilling moments, but the lesson it imparts is worthwhile. The portions shot in the Philippines were not too distinct to make a mark. They could have filmed it elsewhere and it wouldn’t have made a difference.Image – the arm on the shoulder of the girl – not indicative of a full-blown romance, so don’t expect that.


Spotify. I had heard of it from various people – Jim Paredes (we’re close, NOT), a niece, and elsewhere. Yesterday, yes, i was bored, I thought of trying it out. I downloaded the app and was about to get a premium account (P129 per month) but husband said “You can get everything from torrents”. Uh, okay. 😦

Then last night, when son got back from the beach (aghast – in such weather? – big waves, rain etc.) he was drooling and extolling Spotify. He’s now enrolled and is encouraging me. maybe when the damper isn’t around. Or I can keep it a secret.

what is spotify? I’ll do a Yes magazine here. I googled and found this:Image




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