Irritants and Non-irritants

Woke up with one red eye, not sore eyes, I was certain. It wasn’t tearing and just a bit itchy. Bathed and prepared for Shangrila. Had lunch at Epicurious then proceeded to S**** to have the lens of my old shades replaced. Husband had given it to me eons ago, I had had the lens changed to graded ones in a shop in Greenhills, used it only occasionally as it often slid down my nose – too big and my nose not aquiline enough. I put it in the dashboard of the car and forgot that I had done so. Husband did some spring cleaning and found it, hence project replacement.

My friend optometrist or so I thought wasn’t around; the one present said they no longer replace the lens of frames as humongous as mine. Uh-oh #1. Then she said your eye is red, and she seemed to hint they couldn’t refract me anyway – which in the first place wasn’t my intention. She said the redness was different. And that scared me, like I could hear my heart thump. I said what could be the cause? She refused to say anything but wasn’t reassuring either. We left with nothing accomplished and me somewhat worried. I kept bugging my husband and son about how red my eye was, they weren’t overly concerned and I tried not to be bothered. Then at Planet Sports, I saw my nephew and then my sister. Coincidentally enough, only yesterday, she told me her eye was also red, she went to the ophthalmologist who prescribed Naphcon opthalmic solution. She said it had worked fine with her and I being me,  decided to try it out. Going to the doctor might give me a heart attack. But actually, my first choice would have been Spersadex which my now dead doctor had prescribed ages ago, then Spersallerg which my cousin doctor prescribed, then Zaditen eye drops which the  ophthalmologist I saw years ago prescribed. Went to Mercury and all three had been phased out!!! Luckily Naphcon was available, so I got that. The girl in Mercury was so cold I wanted to give her a candy to sweeten her countenance. Joke. You get the drift. The I thought she was my friend optometrist arrived but didn’t say hi. Okay fine. She was also cold the last time I got new eyeglasses. I will go to Sarabia next time. There I’ve never experienced the cold shoulder whenever I’d accompany son.

Fast forward to after I put Naphcon in my eye. Two drops. In seconds, my eye was clear. Promise. Miracle? Divine intervention? St. Lucy taking pity on me?

Perhaps a combination of prayers and the right medicine.

So happy I am.


My “obsolete” shades:


Anyone know where I can have the lenses replaced? Size is 67. Biggest lens of the shop’s supplier is 70 but that’s not big enough, they said. 😦


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