Odds and Ends

Lunch at Epicurious the second time around was worlds better than the first time. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the resto has overcome its birth pangs? The chef though was still as unfriendly as ever. Uh-oh, I met three unfriendly people today? What kind of karma is that?

Son ordered cobbler, husband salmon, and me black angus. Both of them ordered greens – son had Asian dressing with his, husband had Cesar’s. I got potato salad. Don’t judge me. 🙂 I did try a leaf each from the two and I hereby pronounce Asian dressing as better. We also ordered bread and balsamic vinegar mixed with olive oil. The chef had said the balsamic mixture would go with any bread, methinks not after trying the dinner roll type we got. See? Told you she was churlish. I think a less tasty kind of bread like foccacia would have been better. Anyway… bad hair day?

for dessert we had the truffle cake. Shared it. Yummy.

Epicurious isn’t too expensive – you choose a pack of marinated meat/fish, they cook it. But nothing comes free, take note. Oh yes, I forgot, I also ordered mashed potato and paid for it as well. the only sidings of my steak were 3 slender slices of carrots and 5 anorexic Baguio beans strips.

No sodas in E. Suffer.


Okay, abstinence from soda and the heat were such that I had to get my caffeine fix at Rustan’s Katipunan where I hied off with the 2 HHs as soon as we got home. Ordered lasagna to go with my can of Coke for myself, chicken a la king with puff pastry for the two. The lasagna was quite good but I finished just a third. I was more thirsty than hungry.


days back I got a text message from Rustan’s so I claimed their Happy Father’s day for Sapphire dads. A slice of raw sirloin. thanks, Rustan’s. So sweet and thoughtful.

Rustan’s had some promos, like buy 1k of grapes, take an additional 500 grams free; same with short ribs and chicken quarters. So of course I availed of them. Save where possible is my mantra.


Sorry the sequence of this post is so messed up, now you know how my brain is wired. Anyway, we went to Rustan’s to buy presents for kids. third floor, kids’ toys are. I keep forgetting. Anyway, the music was so loud I wanted to scream. I complained to the person who attended to me, he apologized. Later husband and son told me there was a mascot or something earlier; I hadn’t noticed. I just noticed that as we were leaving, it was so blissfully quiet in Rustan’s already. Happiness.


Scribe at the Lower Ground (LG in the elevator) of Shang East Wing has a sale of sorts; if you buy two items, I think the discount is 5% or 10%? Three items – 20%. Nice stuff they have there: calligraphy pens, fancy pens, washi tape, ribbons, etc. TPS – did you go there when you were here?

Me & You also has nice stuff but if you go there after you visit Scribe, it pales in the sense that stuff there are priced higher – though that’s in absolute terms. They sell different items so there’s no point of comparison except for one’s personal budget and  preference, really.


3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Buti nabanggit mo ang Asian dressing. Naalala ko yung isang bottle na binili ko. Anong greens ang nilalagyan ng Asian dressing?

    No, di ako nakapunta dun. Actually, di ko alam yung place. Sila ba yung may branch dati sa Powerplant na sarado na?

    • I think sila. So many nice things. I was thinking of buying FV something but sa dami ng choices, I couldn’t think what: ball pen? Marker pens? etc. Give me a hint.

      Asian dressing can be used on any and all types of greens – lettuce, arugula, etc. In a resto we go to, they even put greens, mandarin orange, and fried siomai wrap cut in 1/2 in widths. Try mo. Sarap.

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