Amazing Amazon

Days back, I blogged about my one red eye. Sunday, my sister who was suffering from the same malaise suggested I use Naphcon. I bought a bottle and wow, within a minute or less, the redness disappeared. I was impressed. A few hours later though, the redness came back. The intensity wasn’t as bad, still it was back. I read up on it and also googled Zaditen ophthalmic which an ophthalmologist had prescribed years back. So with Spersadex and Spersallerg. Problem was all had been phased out in the Philippines. Desperate, I checked for ketotifen which yielded Alaway by Bausch & Lomb. Alaway has the same generic name as Zaditen.

Thought about the wisdom of getting some, especially because of how steep postage could get. But well, I thought it might be worth it and ordered a box of two bottles plus brush heads for Oral B. I wanted to order other stuff but thought to limit myself to just the eye drops and the brush heads. Tuesday, I placed the order after lunch. Tuesday night, when I tracked the package it had been shipped. Wednesday I tracked the package in the afternoon, it was in Hong Kong. This afternoon, Thursday, I came back with the package waiting for me.

Postage and taxes totaled P1500. The goods cost around P2k. Makes me wonder whether coursing the whole deal through Amazon is cheaper than going through Johnny Air or some other courier. More efficient, undoubtedly because via expedited shipping, the package came in 2.5 days. Cheaper? Not so sure but the thing is, at least one knows how much one will be spending total immediately after placing the order. Through JA, one gets surprised (sometimes painfully so)when the package comes – usually charge is upwards of a thousand. In both cases, one doesn’t have to deal with the post office and customs. (oops!) My package was delivered door to door by DHL.

I thoroughly love Amazon. Thank you for the great service!!!

PS: I think, provided the package can be delivered globally, I shall just course my orders through Amazon from now on, provided it will be delivered to my doorstep. I’ll reserve Johnny Air for ordering goods that cannot be delivered to our country.

photo-61Shucks, after editing the above, I came across this article.

Oh well, in my microcosm, Amazon is still tops.


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