Megamall and Shangrila in one go

Hired the Wheelmobile as I had to go to Shang for a meeting with my sisters. Then I realized, I could go to Megamall to replenish my Jipan bread stock. We ate the last slice a few days ago.

Went to JIpan and got different kinds of bread and when I showed my PWD card, the cashier separated my purchases into two groups, gave a discount for one group and none for the other. I guess the one that merited a discount was the group that had bread for making sandwiches.

At Megamall also got some popcorn from the stall of Chef Tony on the ground floor of Building A(?), where Jipan and National Bookstore are. They weren’t selling the corn chips there though, but in an upper floor. So just popcorn. Small containers cost P115, the bigger ones P185 or thereabouts.


Had lunch by myself in Zarzuela, initially. They now have set menus going at P349. One set menu includes soup (monggo or pancit molo), a main dish (chicken pastel, adobo flakes, etc.) and dessert (hot food for the gods with ice cream or winter something – white halo-halo with buko strips and nata de coco). Not a bad deal especially because the pancit molo had several pieces and the halo-halo was sufficient, the main dish too.


After lunch, stopped by in a few shops: Bergamo was selling stuff at 20% off, Debenhams had a preview of its sale for loyalty card holders, Gourdo’s didn’t have a set of measuring spoons that included 1/8 tsp, etc.

At Bergamo I got husband a polo barong. I “swear”, it looked like it was chocolate brown. When he opened the package here at home, it was olive green. Even HHB was shocked. But husband liked the color except that it didn’t fit him. He can have it  replaced. Bergamo makes good quality polo barongs. My son’s are going on 3 years almost, they still look new.

At Debenhams, we were lining up when a loud voice was demanding to see the manager. He was saying something like why wasn’t she showing herself when the store was at fault. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the  reason he was mad would be the reason he was mad. He said at least one personnel took a peek at his wife as she was trying on a piece of clothing. To cut a long story short, he, his wife, some security personnel and the alleged voyeur/s(?) left the store – possibly for the security office? He was indignant and said he was making a big deal of it because he didn’t want anyone else to undergo the same. Sigh. It’s sad that these things happen. Granted the personnel was guilty, did that personnel not think of the possible repercussions of such an unsavory act? And that’s to put it mildly. It could cost him his job besides. And doesn’t he have sisters to whom he wouldn’t wanted it done? For sure, he has a mom. SIGH.

My 2 centavos worth on the Debenhams incident: Just now I mulled over it and how the thing could have been avoided. In Marks & Spencer, the males’ section is on the 3rd floor, the females’ on the second. On the second floor, there are no male store personnel except for security. True, Debenhams has only one floor, so the same cannot be arranged, but perhaps  fitting room should be designated for men and another for women, and gender-specific personnel should be assigned to each?


Anyway, except for that fly in the ointment, everything proceeded smoothly today. Before leaving Shang, ordered dinner for husband, son and myself at Woo Galbi. Asked for a glass of water and they gave HHB and me a glass each. And maybe, aware that my orders might take a while, they served me banchan – Korean side dishes — all six kinds. I said (okay, I’m so thick-skinned) – can you just wrap this for take-out? The one who served them said they’d be sending an entire set for me to take out too. Sweet, right?


Going home, I was expecting the worst. My sister who left Shang earlier said to avoid Blue Ridge. I told Mang Roger to take EDSA but being male, he said traffic in EDSA looked bad, and traffic leading to White Plains seemed light. So we proceeded as he thought we should. Trip home took an hour. Not bad, considering classes have begun and we left Shang a little past 5, right about the time some offices were ending their day.

3 thoughts on “Megamall and Shangrila in one go

  1. That’s iffy. 😦 Sana it was just an honest mistake lang on the part of the personnel.
    Re chocolate brown/olive green, it must have something to do with the store’s lights. Ilang beses na rin nangyari sa akin ang ganyan. Nagkakagulatan na lang kasi iba ang color once in normal lighting conditions.

    OT: Sana maka-post na ako ng comment. Been having difficulty these past few days.

    • That’s what I thought also – benefit of the doubt that namboboso ang personnel – that’s the term used by the husband. But the wife said after looking once, he looked again. 😦 Hirap no? Sana kung may CCTV? But that would be even worse, except if the CCTV were focused on just outside the fitting room.

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