Marian Rivera’s new dance show on GMA 7

It didn’t start at 7 pm sharp as promised, but that it was able to start at 7:05 isn’t so bad.

Marian’s opening number consisted of a dance to the songs with “diamond” in the title: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, for one.

The next number was with Maricel Soriano. Three dances: the first I don’t recall Maricel dancing to in the past, the second was of Marian dancing to Shake, body body dancer (a Maricel Soriano “national anthem” – and she did this very well, the third saw Marian and Maricel dance to Rico Mambo. Marian stuck to the moves as I remember them, Maricel adlibbed sometimes.

Then Marian had a solo dance, I can’t remember to what song.

Marian’s interview with VIlma Santos followed.

Vilma is so adorable. Her motherhood statements,  yes, even her motherhood statements sounded sincere. And I heard she’s doing really great in Batangas and for it. As I type this she hasn’t danced a full number, she just did some moves with Marian. Before ending the interview, Vilma told Marian to be true to herself, even her “kasupladahan”. Why not – if she has a legit reason to be so?


Paolo Ballesteros co-hosted some portions. He did very well, wasn’t at all intimidated by Maricel Soriano who’s a bit difficult to interview —  she was a tad smart alecky.


As for Marian, I’m glad her numbers went beyond her Marimar moves and were choreographed. Otherwise the show would have been a bore.


Unsolicited suggestion – I hope in one show she will dance to Puttin’ on the Ritz with the Vicor dancers of yore? That was one dance I looked forward to in the various shows in the 80s, was itt? Couldn’t find it on youtube, but here’s a video of Gene Wilder doing the song and a tap dance to go with it:


The show has ended. The hour went by so swiftly. It needs more polish but it wasn’t a bad first show. I hope I can catch the second.

Paolo B did a very short dance before the show ended. Maybe a full number next time? With Marian?






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