Eastwood June 2014

A few changes since we were in Eastwood last.

First, there’s Project Pie in the condo across Eastwood Mall, Ramen Bar side. We entered through the front of the building near Dwell so there were no steps to negotiate. I had seen/read a few things about PP and was finally in it. Not a bad deal: for P750 plus, we had two pizzas, a beer, refillable soda and a bottle of water. PIzzas go at P285 each, I think if you “compose” your own. Crust was just right – thin and crisp; toppings were generous. Each 8-inch (or 6-inch?) pizza was cut into 4 huge slices. We added dessert pizza – peanut butter nutella so that set us back by P150 more or less and we might as well not have ordered that. We had it after the regular pizzas and it was not as crisp, ergo proved difficult to eat. In fact, we left one slice and didn’t bother to have it wrapped for takeout.


Where Make Room in the building where Marks & Spencer et al. used to be stands  GAP now, while Make Room is on the second floor of Eastwood Mall. And where Office Warehouse and Listening in Style used to be now stands Uniqlo. It doesn’t have everything the bigger branches have, so be warned. Son failed to find one of the shirts he had been looking at in the Megamall branch but didn’t get, hoping it would be selling cheaper in the Eastwood branch, but it wasn’t available there.


Went to Robinsons Supermarket through the tube on the second floor of EM in search of a very good hotcake syrup TPS had sent but found none. But there were goodies there which we got just the same, e.g., mueslix by Kelloggs. Prior to that, we dropped by at DEC as son saw new variants of Combos, one of them with jalapeno.


The Weekend Market didn’t have Food Bin, sadly. I guess FB limits its weekend exposures to Trinoma and Robinsons Magnolia now?


I nearly forgot – the young lady manning the cash register for seniors and PWDs at Robinsons Supermarket, Stephanie M, was very eager to serve. When I asked her about my Robinsons Supermarket card and if I needed to have it replaced with a Robinsons Rewards card, she herself went to Customer Service to get me forms, etc. Very sweet young lady, so full of verve and good will. Pretty too. As we left, she cheerily greeted the next customer.


B1 parking had a sign before some slots indicating they were for PWDs, the elderly and expectant mothers. When husband called the guard so we could park there, he said the slots were for VIPs, not PWDs etc. He pointed us to slots for those with prepaid parking tickets nearby. Later, when we were about to go home, husband saw get into a car parked in the pseudo parking slot for PWDs etc. I said to husband, “VIP siguro.” Misleading sign. And “using” my ilk and the elderly at that. Tsk, tsk, tsk.



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