Raining elephants and rhinoceroses now!

I was dozing off amid watching an unsubbed Jang Bori episode when the sound of really heavy rain awoke me. So now I am wide awake. How long before it stops? Rain phobia hasn’t gone away yet, never will, I guess. Just hope there will be

– no brownout

-no conking out of our water pump

– no flooding

– no leaks

Otherwise, I’m okay with rain.

Ah, I hear thunder, ergo the rain won’t last that long? That’s good then.

Oops, the phone is ringing. But I read somewhere it’s not good to be on the phone during a thunderstorm. So I didn’t answer.

Texted caller and I think she understands. Rain had just ended in her part of Metro Manila. She ended her text with “strange weather.”

Indeed it is.



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