Vegetables and Credit Cards

Has it ever dawned on you how sometimes, our friends know more about us than some members of our family do? This was very apparent to me when at lunch with my sisters last week, one of them was aghast when she saw the pancit molo before me rather than the monggo soup option. I said I don’t eat monggo. She was aghast, stunned, dismayed. A few minutes later, she saw another sister separating the diced tomatoes from the rest of her omelette and she had another “moment”. See, this sister is very much like Papa who used to be content eating fish and vegetables prepared any which way so that once, when we visited, my son was then seven years old, my face fell when I saw the table laden with two types of fish dishes, a bowl of veggies, a bowl of rice. I don’t know how my son and I survived that meal but somehow we did. So different from my Lolo in Iloilo who would have Luz prepare sticks of barbecue or order pork steak with fried potatoes from Dainty Restaurant.

Truth to tell I was amused that my sister learned of my abhorrence of vegetables only then as unlike her, my friends have been teasing me about it for decades now. I guess knowing each other since birth doesn’t guarantee up-to-date knowledge of each other’s doings, preferences, habits because family members leave the home at some point and one sees them only occasionally?


As for credit cards,  a sister was marveling about the huge discounts her BDO Shop More credit card allowed her from Our Home. She asked if I had one and said I should avail of the discounts before end June. I laughed and said my credit limit is P10k. She and another sister looked at me incredulously. I tried to rationalize that I got the card without applying, possibly as a privilege for having a BDO deposit which wasn’t much. They shook their heads in disbelief. The sister raving about the discounts offered to accompany me and let me use her card to shop for furniture but I said I didn’t need any new ones. Nice of her to offer, though.


So there two vignettes of family life–mine.


Clarification: I do appreciate monggo in bean sprout (togue) form and as “filling” for Chinese jackstones. Not sure if I’ve posted this video before?




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