No, I’m not out of the house but am the mother of a son who’s been on the road for 71 minutes. That’s not such a long time if the distance traveled were commensurate. But consider this: from Rockwell to the house is some 10 km. From Rockwell to Temple Drive leading to White Plains maybe 6 km. Son drove that for 45 minutes. But he has been in Temple Drive for the past 30 minutes plus. Sad, right? And no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Traffic hasn’t eased up at all. So he’s still there and we’ve not eaten dinner – vicarious suffering/ sharing his suffering in our own way?

Minutes earlier, a friend’s son walked from Pasig through San Juan to New Manila in the rain because he wanted to spare his mom from the mad traffic she’d have to contend with while driving to pick him up.

The other day, a friend put in her FB status something about traffic. I asked, “Are you in Manila?” She said, “Davao.”

The price of progress without accompanying infrastructure.

Major sigh.


ALong Katipunan in Blue Ridge a landmark of sorts, Countryside, where back in the 1980s we would stop for some pork barbecue, has been torn down. And some billboards have been put up protesting the construction of a school on the now empty lot. I hope the BR residents succeed for the sake of sanity derived from the absence of one more establishment that could aggravate the already awful traffic in the area which has: Banapple, Conti’s, Sicilian Pizza, etc. I don’t blame McDonald’s for the traffic though it is along the same road because it has ample parking at the basement.

In a previous post, I lamented the absence or lack of implementation of an ordinance that would require equivalent parking slots for a resto set up,  for example. The problem is so close to home. We have a resto nearby and while our driveway is no longer blocked, sometimes the road has three columns of cars parked on our side, yes, not just double parking but triple, making egress difficult.

This is a local government problem, no doubt about it.

Sure, the more businesses there are, the greater the taxes generated. But what of service to the majority in the form of rational traffic/parking?


Found this cartoon on traffic from here. Funny message there. Now if only we had more trains and trains that don’t break down and service more routes, then there’d be fewer cars and buses on our roads!



Hooray! Son is home after 96 minutes, 40 of which were spent in not Temple Drive, I stand (sit) corrected, but in Katipunan extension.


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