TV Watching 27 June 2014

Watched the show of Boy Logro et al. yesterday. I think it was the second day of his birthday celebration. His co-hosts are Donita Rose, Assunta de Rossi, Gladys Reyes and Kris Bernal (a guest host, I think).

The four ladies each gave him a birthday present. Guess who gave what?

a. portrait of Boy Logro – hand painted, a bit crude but a touching gesture nonetheless

b. a mug

c. a necktie

d. something edible – I can’t recall what.


Watched Ryzza Mae thereafter. Her guest was Celeste Legaspi who tried to teach her to sing Saranggola ni Pepe’s refrain “Nay, nay, nay, nay” and Mamang Sorbetero’s refrain “Ay, ay, ay, ay” – was it?

CL was very patient with RM, which took me aback, kinda. Maybe age has mellowed her? But I got irked watching Ryzza Mae saying “Ha?” loudly and repeatedly so I didn’t finish the show. While one “Ha?” may be cute, successive “Ha?(s)” sound very disrespectful, not to mention overdone. I almost expected CL to chide her. Maybe if Olen Lim were present, she might have.

I guess my bias against ha goes back a long way. When I was small, I once asked papa, “Ha?” in a very polite voice, mind you. He said in the vernacular, don’t ask “Ha?” say, “Ano?” And I agree, the latter seems more polite. So I hope RM cuts down on her “Ha?” especially if it’s said in an attempt to be cute. 😦


Eat Bulaga. I’m glad I turned on the TV when it was EB’s time, especially because Marian Rivera was around in Juan For All. Some time ago, husband was disarmed by the naturalness of MR. I wasn’t paying close attention then so I could just grunt.

But yesterday, the TV had my full attention and indeed MR is so lovable. She doesn’t act like a star even after she was told she had won Sexiest in FHM for the third time. That accolade done, she proceeded to perform her role as a co-host of Juan For All. Goodness, she even drives the van, a task previously consigned to Wally.

MR was game, teaching the winner of JFA how to do her sexy dance so she’d get pregnant, chatting with her quietly on the side, even when the camera was on someone else. And that she has agreed to do this very taxing portion of going out of town where the heat can drench and has drenched Wally, Jose and Paolo, most of all, is already something.

I have become a fan. Like Vilma Santos said to her, be yourself. Mag suplada ka kung kailangan. Look, there’s an if clause there, “kung kailangan.” And I think MR is that, suplada kung kailangan.

My sister reminded me of how she had accosted the paparazzi years back and shouted at him. Well, he deserved it.

So there.

I look forward to watching EB later. She’ll be a student in their skit.

MR apparently enjoys being in EB. She doesn’t at all appear to think and act like she feels she is too up there for the show. How nice of her.

I hope when she gets tired of doing EB, she’ll gracefully exit rather than feign enjoying it when she no longer is. People can tell.

An excerpt from JFA yesterday:

4 thoughts on “TV Watching 27 June 2014

  1. I remember my Spanish teacher berating me for daring to reply “What?”
    Alam mo, I like Marian na. Didn’t like her before — ang dami kasing nega issues dati, pero nagagandahan ako sa kanya. Then I followed her IG and she frequently posts pictures of her with her family and I became a fan. For me, one who loves his/her parents can’t be bad.

    • Really? I should check out her IG. I guess people who criticize her want to put her down because she’s successful. Yehey, I’m not alone.

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