Card for Player, Card for Banker; Player’s, Banker’s

How I wish I understood poker, or is that baccarat they’re playing in the Koreanovela Triangle? Or are the two the same? I only know solitaire and gin rummy; I used to play mahjong with my sisters and the HHs when I was in grade school or high school and our bets would be 50 centavos tops. But to the casino I’ve never been except around it – Marina Bay Sands and Solaire. I dare not try gambling, I might get addicted, like I am to Candy Crush. Though my arm and shoulder are now painful from too much of CC and 2048 I think. Anyway, back to Triangle.


I’m now on Episode 12 of the series which is about three brothers separated not at birth but at ages maybe 12 or a little older, 7, and I don’t know what. Their lives later intertwine in the casino somehow, in different capacities: as a detective, a gangster, and the son of the  owner. The eldest son is portrayed by the Prime Minister of The Prime Minister and I; the two younger men aren’t familiar. The love interest of the two younger men is the young lady in I forget what series where she played the youngest of three daughters-in-law.

The cast:


The young lady was in I Summon You Gold – I checked.

The eldest brother tends to overact, a little; I still recall how he’d kneel on one knee before the “I” in The Prime Minister and I. Like he’d slide (think Pedram Javaheri who slides on one foot to reach another portion of the map, just kidding – PJ does a cute slide).

The violence is the series is not excessive; there are fewer of them than there are of rational scenes, making it palatable to me, at least.

Speaking of violence, I really feel so angry and disgusted by the latest death from fraternity hazing. SIGH.





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