Angels outnumber them

Was in S&R Shaw this morning. As we were lining up, a lady younger than me (she was wearing an ICA shirt that had 1980s or something painted on it) told us to fall in line in front of her although she was ahead of us. I demurred but she insisted, even after HHB had lined up in another counter which was taking a bit long, however. So I acceded.

After we were done, I saw that she had a couple insert before her again, and I lauded her for it. She smiled and said, “Dalawa lang naman ang binili nila. Minsan ako, pag isa lang binibili ko, may nagpapasingit sa akin.” Wow, a pay it forward believer in the flesh. I thanked her again and prayed that God shower her with blessings. That was the least I could do.

When HHB and I stepped out of the grocery, the guard said I should go to the elevator while HHB would take the walkalator with our purchases. I almost panicked. Me, alone in the elevator? What if? But I wheeled myself in which wasn’t difficult as the elevator had enough space. But I was by myself. The door closed. Then I waited. For the elevator to go down. Nothing happened. Then there was a voice over (a robot) who said, “Please press the button for the floor you’re going to.” Good thing there were only two: L1 and L2. I was on L2 so I pressed L1. Hooray for simplicity. When the elevator was on L1, the door opened and I got off.

I saw the Wheelmobile parked nearby but the driver wasn’t looking. So I asked the two men, family drivers, likely, to call him. One of the two men pointed me to the ramp. I wanted to strangle him. Okay, I’m not violent but you know? Then I asked again. The two men didn’t budge but instead, in true PInoy fashion, did this: “Psssst, pssssst”. Mang Roger didn’t hear. By then HHB was walking in my direction. I wanted to smack those two men who weren’t doing anything but chatting. How clueless, how oblivious, how uncaring. SIGH.

OH well, win some, lose some.

Luckily in Shang I encountered only angels: the guy in True Value who pushed my wheelchair as I looked for an LED fluorescent lamp (ang mahal P2k! – hopefully I can save pesos from using it. warranty is 5 years – will I keep the receipt that long? Funny because the receipt is on thermal paper, ergo I’ll have to photocopy the thing. Where to keep it? How to remember when the bulb gives in before 5 years are up?

Another angel I met was the security in polo barong in Power Books. When he overheard that I was looking for books for babies, he pointed me to the elevated portion that had a cramped ramp leading to it. I wondered if I’d fit, he assured I would. I asked, have you tried it with someone else? He was quiet. The sales girl said I was the first. The man persevered. He asked the lady to move the books which were in the way and positioned me where I could look at the books. when I was done, he wheeled me down again. What an angel.

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2 thoughts on “Angels outnumber them

  1. I would answer to “Pssst” also if I heard it and knew it was directed at me. We’re Filipinos, right? Ah yes, nice people really make the world a better and happier place. 🙂

  2. I remember a former colleague calling me “cheap” for answering to “psssstttt.” It was pretty rich considering that she slept around. Hahahaha!

    It feels good to know that there are still nice people around, ‘no?

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