What gives?

Sent HHB to buy some groceries. Gave her P700. The receipt read P412.51. But the change I was seeing was less than P200.

then she hastily said that she had bought cotton for me which she penned at the back of the receipt: P148. I asked where the receipt was.

Her explanation wasn’t clear enough to me. I was baffled. And the cotton, she said, was in their room. She had left it there to make cotton balls with. Her explanation: getting the cotton was an afterthought, so she just paid for it. I asked, so where’s the receipt for the cotton? She left it in the store, she said.

I asked her to get the cotton. My intention was to call the grocery to ask how much cotton of that volume cost, but I didn’t tell her that. What I did tell her was to get the receipt next time because I didn’t want the grocery to be “cheated”.

She left the room. I rang for her after a short while. HHA came in and said HHB left, muttering about the receipt. I asked HHA to bring me the cotton HHB had said she bought. HHA said she didn’t know where the cotton was.

I am stunned. What is this about?



She came back with the receipt and the cotton. But  the check out times in the receipts make me wonder:

10:42 a.m. for the first purchase; 11:23 for the cotton.

Do I call Sherlock and Dr. Watson? But I heard they’re busy fulfilling other acting commitments…

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.01.55 PM

PPS: Doorbell rang. HHB came in with an envelope. IT was from Citibank. She said the messenger asked if she wants to apply as caregiver. So I asked why he even offered her that position. Questions:

a) Did she chat with him and tell him what she does here?

b) She is bluffing so I’ll be fearful she’ll leave. She wants to get back at me after “catching” her this morning.

c) The messenger has ESP. She claims she didn’t small talk with him.


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