Watching Triangle now. One of the actors looks like Robin Padilla and though he’s a gangster, when he walks he does so like he’s a fashion model on a ramp. So cool:

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 5.59.35 PM

I’m enjoying Roommate to the max.

The cast as enumerated by dramafever:

Eleven celebrities live together in close quarters as they share the cooking, cleaning and everyday chores around the house. Will they become close friends, develop deeper relationships, or find themselves fighting each other and making enemies? The celebrities include Park Chan Yeol (EXO), Hong Soo Hyun (History of a Salary Man), Jo Se Ho (Comedian), Lee Dong Wook (Hotel King, Scent of a Woman), Lee So Ra (Model), Na Na (After School), Park Bom (2NE1), Park Min Woo (Flower Boy Ramen Shop), Seo Kang Joon (5urprise, Sly And Single Again), Shin Sung Woo (Beating Heart), and Song Ga Yeon (MMA Ring Girl).

My takes on each one:

Park Chan Yeol – I like his personality – so cheerful, no hangups, competitive but not to the point of envy.

Hang Soo Yoon – she’s very feminine. When they were watching a soccer (football) match between Korea and Russia, she was very ladylike still.

Jo Se Ho  – his parents appeared in Episode 9 and what they showed of themselves explains why Se Ho is so lovable and fun though he has some deep-seated fears like any human being.

Lee Dong Wook – when he is present, he lights up the screen not just because of his good looks but also because of his sense of fun and responsibility, giving advice to one of the flower boys, Min Woo, who seems a bit insecure.

Lee So Ra – very feminine too, a model who’s like a big sister to everyone.

NaNa – so pretty but not overly concerned about her being pretty though she did admit needing an hour to bathe, lotion herself, etc.

Park Bom – she’s with the girl band to which Sandara Park belongs. She was in the Philippines for a spell and asked Sandara for help in preparing pasalubong for her housemates. I saw Sandara showing her not just dried mangoes but Choc-Nut. She sleeps with Poong-poong, a huge stuffed toy. A seeming sophisticate with a little girl hiding behind all that makeup.

Park Min Woo – he seems to have a lot of angst — is that for real? He was envious when one of the ladies seemed to favor his fellow flower boy with more attention, when the other flower boy got a showbiz assignment, etc. Wish he’d gain more confidence somehow.

Seo Kang Joon – the other flower boy. Looks clueless at times

Shin Sung Woo – he has your back; if you’re stranded in an island with him, you won’t be scared; he can do anything competently, is in control, etc. Very ideal partner. He’s single.

Song Ga Yoon – an athlete, fierce in a physical way. Steer clear of her, she has a mean kick.

I really look forward to watching Roommate each week and feel light-hearted after doing so. I laugh myself silly watching the group, though I’ve shed a few tears with them as well, especially when the mom of Se Ho was talking about him in Episode 9.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 7.22.48 PMPhoto from drama fever.

Front Row:

the absentee guy, miss feminine, the kicker, the stuffed toy lover, the pretty one, the model

Second row:

Clueless (but cute), Angsty(but cute), cheerful, Funny, Ideal person


3 thoughts on “Koreanovelas

  1. Actually the ” robin padilla” guy in triangle is a member of a trio pop group JYJ. You should hear him sing..grabeng galing . I like him more as a singer than an actor.

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