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yesterday being market day, I ordered lunch from WS and merienda as well. Lunch was squid with mushrooms in chili sauce, bistek with mashed potato and garlic rice. Merienda was pancit langlang, ginataan halo-halo, and siopao. Actually I also placed an order of okoy but this was absent – supplier hadn’t delivered, so I subsisted on pancit langlang and ginataan.

Verdict – I enjoyed lunch which was what husband and I had for dinner also, but husband said all the meat he was able to get was full of ligaments. that prompted me to ask HHA if she chose the parts without for me, she declared innocence. Tough luck for husband though. This lunch, I had the leftovers still, no ligaments whatsoever.

Husband enjoyed the siopao – I had ordered only one because I was expecting there’d be okoy. I took a bite and it was quite generous with the filling and good. Husband said it was like Choc’ful of nuts’ siopao. That’s the best compliment any siopao could get from husband.

Today I called WS to ask if they had okoy already, still none. I ordered siopao which I’ll freeze so I don’t have to wait for 2:30 pm to eat one tomorrow. I’ll have it for lunch with my leftover langlang.

Carmen’s Best

Posts back, I mentioned that CB can be ordered for delivery in Loyola Heights from a supplier in Capitol Heights. Said supplier, I can’t quite catch the name, also sells frozen meat, fruits and veggies.

Ordered four flavors: strawberry, ube, vanilla and coffee. Strawberry is generally a favorite of mine, ube is husband’s, vanilla’s is son’s. Okay coffee is husband’s and mine. Take note, I said generally. THing is, when husband tried CB’s ube, I was so excited because I had ordered that for him, he wasn’t impressed. Wasn’t creamy enough So when I tried the strawberry, I wasn’t too optimistic. It tasted a tad sour, like it was surgar-free. Okay, maybe tart would be a better word? I added strawberry syrup.

Other items I ordered from said distributor: calamansi for P50 per kilo (is that price reasonable?) and embutido (3 tiny ones for P150) and grapes (P191 for a little over a kilo – one kilo is P350). Coincidentally enough, husband bought a kilo from his workplace for P200. Arrgh. And it was sweet. Nevermore grapes from said distributor.

Number is 292 2340.

Just ordered KFC crispy cheese from KFC. For delivery lest HHB be pirated as caregiver(?! – see previous post though the delivery of KFC might also offer her a job). KFC has a 30/40 promo. Like Mcdo’s 40 flat delivery fee. 30 is for 30 minutes delivery time, which is Shakey’s promise, I think? Or Mcdo’s also? I’m confused. So there. KFC’s delivery number is 887 8888.


After several cans of Delimondo corned beef over several months, I saw this in S&R and decided to reunite with it. Cooked in garlic and onions, I seem to prefer it, at least I realized I had missed it. Had it for sandwich two days in a row. Shhhhh….

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 5.49.22 PM



4 thoughts on “Various

    • hahaha, maybe if I like the original, I’d not like it too but I like the sweetness it lends to the chicken. Weird ata ako for liking it? Nag-iisa.

    • Yes, nasarapan ako. Funny because the reviews I had read weren’t too great so I wasn’t expecting much but bought because son wanted to try it. Sarap pala. Prefer it to original which I find too salty. I didn’t like the gravy with it though. Ikaw?

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