If it’s late, it’s free

At 5:43, I placed an order with Shakey’s but didn’t remember the exact time. At 6:43 I called to follow up. Girl asked what time I placed the order. I said, “before 6” and asked what time was registered in their files. SHe said, “5:43”. It’s now 7:02, still no pizza. It’s 7:06, still no pizza. I called 77777 to follow up a second time and I’ve been put on hold. I spoke with Annette who assured me she’d call me for feedback. we put down the phone at 7:30.

At 8:15, I called. Andy took my call. After waiting for some time, Andy finally came back to explain that Shakey’s Loyola had not received my order from their call center or whatever it is. So now Andy said he told Shakey’s Loyola to prioritize my order and apologized, noting that I”m a PWD. Yes, PWDs and Senior citizens get a discount for delivery orders provided one can give the card number of whichever card is being used. Note though that this government-issued cards may be not used in tandem with the Pizzanatic card.

Earlier, I wondered:

What’s to compel Shakey’s to deliver late at all, considering that it will be free? DO they value their reputation? I certainly hope so!

My tummy is grumbling.

Let’s see if Andy’s intervention will bear fruit. It’s now 8:38, I stopped talking to Andy maybe 3 minutes ago.


Update:  9:16 pm, the order arrives. Hooray for Andy! He”delivered on his promise, well not physically but his efficiency facilitated the delivery!


2 thoughts on “If it’s late, it’s free

    • Weird no? The last person (ANDY) I spoke with said, “Siiguro natabunan.” But imagine, I had followed up once or twice before but the ones before him didn’t find that out? Buti there are really dedicated people like Andy who bother to figure things out.

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