Glorious Day

I like this Koreanovela very much. There are no guns, goons, gold; no gangsters either. The worst person in the story is the philandering and irresponsible dad and husband. Everyone else is “normal” with “normal” problems.

It reminds me of another Korean drama series Life Is Beautiful where the most unsettling problem hounding the family was the gayness of one of the sons. Otherwise, the problems were ordinary, making the series relate-able.

Ironically, both series have Lee Sang Wook. His role demanded him to be stiff in Life Is Beautiful, but here in Glorious Day, he is so sweet and lovable. Susan, I’m not kidding.

And while in most series that have old people as in grandparents present I’d fast forward the parts where they are onscreen because they pontificate all the time, in Glorious Day, the grandparents are a happy couple and yes, lovable.

GD is, I believe, a series worth watching.





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