Cafe Adriatico at home?

I had been craving for steak in Kimpura for weeks now but somehow, things failed to work out. Sunday we set the date but nature refused to cooperate. I guess my admixture of breakfast food which might have been an odd mixture. It included a Nature Valley granola bar (fruit trail mix) and popsicle, so you get the drift. We couldn’t leave the house Sunday.

Yesterday, I thought of ordering pork barbecue for husband from, where else, Serye. But the branch in Quezon Circle said to try Eastwood. When I called Eastwood, the girl asked me, “Saan sa Eastwood ang Loyola?” Uh-oh. I didn’t have the energy to explain and didn’t proceed.

Decided to call Citydelivery to ask if they carry Barrio Fiesta in their roster. No, I was told. I asked what Filipino restos do you have? Wow, when I heard “Cafe Adriatico” I was so excited. Then I realized, “Uh-oh, might be the MOA branch.” But I was lucky and she said they also had Gateway.

So I checked out CA’s menu online as Citydelivery’s refused to appear. And there I saw my CA favorite: chicken ala kiev. Ohlala. I’ve had only two chicken ala kiev favorites in 58 years: Philippine Plaza’s during the wedding anniversary of a classmate’s parents back in the 1980s and Cafe Adriatico’s when it had a branch in Eastwood. So you can just imagine how happy I was to reunite with it yesterday. And the travel time notwithstanding from Cubao to Katipunan, the butter oozed out like it would if I had the dish in the resto. Look:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 8.59.47 AM

And of course we had the knockout knuckles that came with the usual sauce of toyo, onion and pepper plus another sauce that had chili, garlic and oil – which sets CA’s  crispy pata apart, light years apart from any other similar dish elsewhere.

Oh and to assuage my carnivore guilt, I did order chef (caesar’s? – you know why I’m confused, of course) salad, largely for husband. Of it I had one leaf, two slices of ham, a quarter of boiled egg, and thousand island dressing.

I think CA will be my favorite partner establishment for a long time starting yesterday.



4 thoughts on “Cafe Adriatico at home?

  1. Favorite ni S yung French cousin ng Chicken Kiev, Cordon Bleu, kaya I usually buy chicken fillet, prepare and freeze them, para mabilis na ang lutuan sa umaga. I have three sa ref ngayon. Hopefully, hindi muna nya pagsawaan…

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