Roommate yet again

Just watched the 10th episode and cannot imagine I’ve been watching an episode each the past 10 weeks. I hope there are many more to come.

I like how the show is conceptualized. It features the different facets of living together – having fun, crying, doing chores, learning, shopping, etc.

So this episode sees a number of the roommates doing the laundry in the yard together, with Mama Shin knowing how things should be done.

It also has the roommates divide into two groups to prepare octopus pasta dishes. It sees a very tired Lee Dong Wook coming home while the pastas are being judged and ignoring missives to stop eating – he was an ordinary human being oh so tired and hungry. It shows Chan Yeol coming home even later and joining a conversation with the rest and Lee asking him later if he had had dinner.

And the most moving part was the visit of a good friend of Lee, a veteran ala Eddie Garcia who shared life’s lessons with the group. A guessing game had ensued prior to the actual visit where the roommates tried to guess who was coming.

Very heartwarming as usual, watching Roommate always makes my day.

Scripted? Perhaps some parts, but certainly not all. The reactions are too raw a lot of the time.


Here’s a video made by an American on certain Roommates:



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