TIm Ho Wan Megamall, finally!

But not bodily there, I wasn’t. At close to 11 am my sister texted to say she was there with friends, would I want anything?

I promptly checked looloo for recommendations and decided on having her get me the following: beef with vermicelli roll, carrot cake and of course, the pork buns.

When sister dropped off the eats, there were four kinds, not three. She had added the shrimp wasabi.

You know how I feel about wasabi, which I only realized belatedly was in the shrimp thing. Ugggh. The beef – I was enjoying the first bite when uggghh, I sensed the presence of ginger.

I had a bite of the carrot cake which I put some sweet chili sauce on from our larder, it was ordinary.

Now the pork buns. Apparently, a table can order only 6 boxes of 3 buns each and my sister gave me a box. I happily finished one bun as did husband. There’s one bun left over. Do I play selfish and eat the last bun? Son won’t be home for a few nights. Do I halve the last bun and share it with husband? Or do I keep the last bun in the freezer for son to have when he comes back?

A battle of will power confronts me now. Who’ll emerge victorious?


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