Callos Recipes from the Experts

I’ve never made callos because husband has gout and tripe is supposed to be bad for gout, or is it the garbanzos, or both? But I almost always order it various restos because I enjoy eating callos. Of my order, husband doesn’t partake.

Below are two callos recipes I would have tried to make were it okay for husband to eat. The first is from the cookbook of Pat Limjuco Dayrit:

photo 2

The second is from Nora Daza’s:

photo 1

A word of advice – careful when choosing the chorizo bilbao. It shouldn’t be too rich tasting as to obfuscate the other flavors in the dish. A few weeks ago, I made pastel de pollo using chorizo bilbao that had such an overpowering taste I didn’t bother to eat the dish when it was reheated. Such a version should be served as appetizer rather than mixed with other ingredients. I’ll try to name the brand here when I see it again in the supermarket.

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