Cafe Adriatico the third time around

It being our mom’s birthday yesterday, sister and I celebrated it via lunch at home with food ordered from CA. She left me to choose and these were my choices: chicken a la kiev with mashed potato, lengua estofada, prawns in garlic, chocolate decadent cake and coffee pie (sorry I can’t recall the exact name.)


Where before slicing the chicken a la kiev yielded an oil slick, today, slicing into the chicken yielded was indicative of a drought; Pasig River with lots of water lilies without any liquid flowing. Sad, sad, sad.

The prawns in garlic were okay, not outstanding.

The lengua was good.

The coffee cheese cake was great, my sister liked the decadent cake.

A case of diminishing marginal utility?

I’ll give chicken a  la kiev a rest. Next time, I’ll order crispy pig knuckles when sister comes.

So what happened to the oil, er, butter slick, Cafe Adriatico?

I asked City delivery to deliver our order at 11 a.m. The orders came at 10:15. The earliness has nothing to do with the dryness of the chicken, methinks. But I could be wrong.


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