My Inertia at Rest

My inertia at rest is way stronger than my inertia for(sic) motion that I think one of my friends gave up on me.

You see this friend  N is the type who wants to get together, not just with me, but with our group from the time our children were in nursery school, some 21 years ago. Our barkada then consisted of 6 moms. Over the years, three moms dropped off, there was just my friend and I, and occasionally one of the rest, making us 3, once in a while. Of the three that dropped off, I’m closer to the two than friend N is because the two (C and D) are the wives of my classmates in college.

As I said, N likes to meet up so she calls B and we’d make a threesome. Then she’d call me to ask D and C. A few times, I did and sometimes, C would join us; once D did. So N would say again, let’s meet up. And only B and I would show up.

The last time we did, she said I should be the one to organize the next lunch. But see, like I earlier proclaimed, my inertia at rest is very strong. So I told her, if you wait for me to do that, you’ll wait forever. {I’d rather have one-on-one lunches because organizing with so many can be tedious. Finding a common time for everyone is such a chore.]

SO guess what, ever since I said that, wait until forever, N hasn’t called or texted or communicated. I’m bad, but that’s me.

My take is, if you want to meet up with so many, organize it yourself, I’ll come as guest. Yesterday, another friend called. Among other things, he said, to organize a get-together. I said “you na.” I think he must have wanted to say “You’re not doing anything naman, so why don’t you organize it?” But he kept mum.

Time was when I was Miss Congeniality, willing to do their bidding. Now I’m Ms. Inertia at Rest. Unless really best friends, one-on-ones are involved, I don’t initiate. At the risk of sounding churlish/surly/anti-social introverted, I wish I could say pointblank, I’m like this so deal with it.

I’m also a social sloth, I guess, so used to being alone except with my husband and son most times. I do enjoy getting together with friends in bigger groups, but not too often, and not for long stretches. Because I get bored and wish I were back home watching my telenovelas.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 7.20.18 AM

Occasionally, someone tells me, tell me when you’re available or are in the area, let’s get together. I say yes but as is my wont, I will not. I’d rather a specific invitation like “Let’s get together on such and such a date in such and such a place.” Then if I’m feeling all right and like you, I will go. Open invitations don’t work with me. I want to be psyched up. So inflexible, I know. Guess I’m getting old? More discriminating? Just plain lazy?

6 thoughts on “My Inertia at Rest

    • OMG – this is so me, though I sometimes indulge in small talk if I see someone as uncomfortable as I am in a crowd. Maybe, a fellow introvert?

  1. True and you don’t get as much from it somehow. So many personalities and egos to contend with in one blow, hahaha. So many stories to watch out for also.

    • Kaya we’re friends, no? Very choosy and unwilling to budge unless we really like the person trying to budge us – then even a slight nudge will overcome our inertia at rest?

      • That’s true.
        I agree with you, I like one-on-one meetups kaysa yung group meetups. There’s something about group activities, whether party, team building, meetup, or trips, that taxes us so much? I remember nung naghanda kami kay Drake, may certain tireness not due physical exhaustion. Siguro kasi we like good and relaxed conversation, and we cannot achieve that pag maraming nagsasalita.

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