For years I’ve lamented the absence of a Korean resto that delivers in Loyola Heights. Back when I was looking for Korean ingredients, son said there’s a grocery in FBR building. But neither he nor husband got round to going for me. Going to FBR myself would require riding the car as steps galore are what greet one in front of the building. One has to go to the basement parking and ride the elevator from there.

This morning, while watching Koreanovelas, I suddenly craved Korean food, particularly bibimbap. I googled: Korean restos that deliver in QC. Wonder of wonders, I saw an entry for PARANARA right in Katipunan. LIsted with it was a cell number. While normally I don’t call cell phones (find it too expensive), I made an exception and did. I ordered the following:

bibimbap, beef bulgogi, a soup of tofu and pork, spicy squid and spicy chicken. Then I had HHB pick it up.

The verdict:

bibimbap is quite good. Beef bulgogi I will order each time. The soup was salty and spicy; I think adding a tsp of sugar would make it taste better. The spicy squid was okay, the spicy chicken was quite good.

HHB said the place is quite big and nice, bigger than Wooden Spoon she said. Don’t take her word for it though.

Each order came with a generous serving of rice which we will use to make kimchi rice tonight (recipe I posted a few days ago).

Will I order in Paranara again? Most certainly, but never the soup.



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