Except for the house in front, the house to our left, right and back are laden with trees. Ergo, with the winds howling like crazy, we hear all sorts of things landing on the ground and our roof. While normally the blinds in the roof are drawn, I had one opened and wondered whether it was wise of me to see the swaying trees and branches, what a frenzied sight.

At two an explosion signaled the power outage that persists till now. Between then and now, there were two other explosions. Some transformer, I guess.

We are on generator power now. Luckily for us, the rains haven’t been much so worry about flooding is at bay.

Son was thinking of biking around to shoot the sights with a GoPro. I interjected “Are you crazy?” I can only imagine how the roads must be littered with fallen trees right now.

Glenda, do depart soon. Merlaco, do light up soon.

No cable TV for now, which is the least of my concerns. But husband feels its absence. So far, the Internet has been holding up so I’m watching a K drama in between checking Facebook, gmail, etc.


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