At maybe 3:40, power went off. Per a friend, rotating brownouts are scheduled and are supposed to last 3 hours. Ergo, liberation should come at 6:40. Can I be optimistic? When I checked twitter, people were complaining that the three hours had stretched to five hours, etc. SIGH.

I know it’s a bit unreasonable to be complaining about the absence of power, given that some have lost their lives or homes, but still…

Son was on his way home when rain poured hard in Makati so he’s staying the night there. What for brave traffic that will be horrendous and come home to a house without power?

On a bright note, our barangay captain instructed his men to remove most of the debris caused by their fallen narra tree, ergo clearing some that fell on our roof. Hopefully, when things settle down, they’ll have our barbed wire fixed as well. Thanks in advance, Captain Marquez. Thanks for what has been done.



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