Power Outage yet again, but needst must remember to count blessings

Glenda’s day – 15 hours

Day after Glenda – 5 hours

Early morning two days later – 45 minutes

Two days after Glenda – 3.5 hours and counting


I know we should be counting our blessings, given that there are some without electricity still, but the thing is, things are difficult. We have to turn out the generator for our drainage to work; we cannot leave the house when the power is on because what if only the HHs are around? They don’t know how to make the generator work. If we leave when power is on, what if there’s a brownout? We’ll have to rush back home for the generator to run and operate the water pump in our sump pit.

There’s also the problem of destination. Yesterday, a friend said work was suspended because there was a brownout suddenly. So she went home to a house with no lights either.



Nonetheless, as I earlier said, we just have to count our blessings. What happened to the Malaysian Airlines plane was so unnecessary, so painful – not only for the friends and relatives of those who perished, but for the human race. Accidents cannot be avoided but deliberate acts to end the lives of people, and in this case, wrong targets, is such a bomber, so hideous, so disgusting, so tragic.




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